Kettle Redi®

Are you looking to achieve a smooth, natural bitterness in your beer while protecting it from skunky lightstruck off-flavors? And would you prefer to do that with a highly stable, consistent and easy to use product? Kettle Redi® is the answer you have been looking for.

Kettle Redi® is a 100% light-stable bittering extract, that provides a smooth non-artificial bitterness. It is specially designed for a high utilization brewhouse application. Kettle Redi® is pre-isomerized (Rho-Iso-Alpa Acids), standardized to 40% and Pumpable when heated above 30-40C. It is easy to dose by hand or your common extract dosing equipment, to provide a microbiologically stable, clean label solution.

“100% light stable smooth bitterness for your beer that helps easy, clean and efficient brewing”


  • Produced from
    CO2 hop extract.
  • Supplied in tightly sealed
    polyethylene containers.
  • Application: Kettle late addition.
  • Shelf life: 2 years (when
    stored properly).

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