Are you looking for a way to prevent excessive foam formation during fermentation? HopAid® Antifoam is a natural, hop-based antifoam agent.

The suspension is suitable for use in top or bottom-fermented beers in all types of fermentation tanks. HopAid® Antifoam is proven to help reduce headspace requirements, increasing your fermentation capacity. It has no impact on the final beer’s foam retention properties.

“Prevent excessive foam formation during fermentation naturally and reliably.”


  • Suspension of hop extract,
    food-safe emulsifier
    and water
  • Packaging as bag-in-box,
    sizes 2.25 kg or 10 kg.
  • Application: Add to cooled
    wort when filling
    fermentation tank.
  • Shelf life: 18 months (when
    stored properly).

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