BARTH-HAAS HOPS ACADEMY offers new course

BARTH-HAAS HOPS ACADEMY offers new course:
• Become a Hop Flavourist – from Connoisseur to Master in five modules
• Upcoming courses in Nuremberg from July and October 2018

Nuremberg, 28 May 2017. For Dr Elisabeth Wiesen, Technical Sales Manager at Joh. Barth & Sohn, the new Hop Flavourist course represents a further step in implementing the academy’s mission to teach “Everything you need to know about hops!” Over five 2-day seminars, course participants will learn how to describe hop varieties and their many aromas. A further course objective is to train and develop sensory memory. “There are over 250 hop varieties worldwide, each with its own unique aromas. Our goal will be to explore them.” (Wiesen) What do categories such as citrus, floral, sweet fruits, green fruits or spicy have to do with hops? What hop varieties are grown around the world and how can they be identified and described? But our course doesn’t just focus on hops, of course. What do beers brewed with just one hop variety taste like? That will be the focus of the closing tasting session. “Previous courses,” Wiesen explains, “have shown that there is obviously great demand among brewers and beer sommeliers for even deeper knowledge of hop varieties and their potential.” The first open Hop Flavourist Level 1 course – The Connoisseur (in English) – will take place in Nuremberg on 2/3 July 2018. The next Level 1 course (in German) will take place on 10/11 October. “In addition to these seminars, we now also run in-house courses all over the world for breweries of all sizes.” (Wiesen) The Hop Flavourist Course comprises five progressive modules in total. By completing the five modules, participants will achieve the level of Master. Participants can register for the open seminars online at www.barthhaasgroup.com/en/hops-academy#coursedates. The link also provides further information.