100th brew at the BarthHaas Campus Concept Brewery

No-limits brewing: The BarthHaas Campus Concept Brewery combines a true passion for hops with the latest brewing technology to provide a brewer’s playground for experimenting with hops, developing flavor visions and creating new aromas.

Equipped with four-vessel brew houses, four open fermentation tanks, twelve closed fermentation and lagering tanks, a hop rocket, keg and bottle washer, bottler and much more besides, it has all you need to create new recipes or carry out scientific pilot brews.

On March 10, the brewing team celebrated the 100th brew at the BarthHaas Campus Concept Brewery since the facility opened in 2018, a Provoak® Pale Ale. The ingredients that went into the Provoak® Pale Ale were Provoak® US Style and Sabro hop products and Pale Ale Münchner malt. The results of the 100th brew will be available for tasting from mid-April.

The previous 99 brews have used a total of 38 different hop varieties and 1628 kg of malt. Guided by their anything-goes motto “ABREWCALYPSE NOW”, the BarthHaas flavor experts have already produced some exceptional compositions, including cherry and mango fruit beers, a Champagne beer with Federweisser and a Christmas wheat beer with orange, cinnamon, cloves and cilantro.

There are plenty of new ideas, even though some sound quite crazy. For example, there are plans for a gluten free millet beer and a brew concocted in collaboration with the winners of the HOME BREW hobby brewer competition in Bayreuth.