A quality product:
the most important ingredient in brewing

BarthHaas wants to allow brewers like you to concentrate on what you do best – creating first-class beers. To achieve this aim, our approach to quality assurance is uniquely comprehensive. We work with our growers to ensure that the hops you use could not be of a higher quality. Find out more about how we guarantee optimum quality.


Our processes and manufacturing processes at all of our sites around the world are subject to ongoing monitoring as part of our detailed, ISO 9001-based Quality Management System (QMS).

The HACCP management system forms an integral component of this approach, focusing on the prevention of food safety issues. HACCP is used to identify and mitigate all potential risks, from procurement of raw materials through to storage and distribution.

QMS in detail

Product safety

The BarthHaas testing program is the most comprehensive in the industry. We work closely with our growers to ensure that our hops are perfect.

We create mixed samples from all of the hops we buy and subject these to a full analysis to exclude the possibility of contamination from pesticides. Our specially developed early warning system provides additional transparency and guarantees maximum product quality from the start.

Product safety in detail

Testing guarantee

Our products are subject to in-depth quality testing. Recognized independent laboratories test our raw hops, which we supply as mixed samples, for a comprehensive list of classified active ingredients and suspected active ingredients.

This testing guarantee, which is unique in the hops-growing industry, covers all hops and hop products from BarthHaas Group. We only allocate and release hops for processing once we have the results of the analysis back from the lab.

Testing guarantee in detail