For specific bitterness,
aroma or foam requirements

Draw inspiration from the potential of hops. We have created a unique world of products for brewers striving for an optimum brewing process to brew superb beers and achieve excellent quality.

Bittering Products

Our innovative bittering products lend a pleasing complexity and bring balance to your beer creations. You can adjust the bitterness levels according to your needs, optimizing a range of the beer’s properties and making the most efficient use of your hops.


Hop extract with an excellent yield. Ideal for precise bittering after fermentation.


Mellow, harmonious bittering that is also light-stable.

Tetrahop Gold®

Effective head retention and cling enhancement for your beer.


A flowable hop product to improve flexibility and efficiency in the brew house.

Hexahop Gold®

Clean, pleasant bitterness for the production of low BU beers.

Hexahop 95®

Highly concentrated bitterness – ideal for beers with low bitterness.

Kettle Redi®

Highly stable, consistent and easy to use – for a smooth, natural bitterness without lightstruck off-flavors


Do you want to delight your customers with refined, complex flavors and a full-bodied drinking experience? Are you looking for an alternative source of hop aroma that is not dependent on harvest fluctuations? Our solutions for your beer aroma profiles are practical and economical.

PHA® Classics

Citrusy, floral or herbal hop aromas in traditional variations.

PHA® Varietals

Aromas from well-known hop varieties, with a particular influence on beer flavor.

PHA® Topnotes

For a variety-specific dry hop character, with particular influence on the beer aroma.


The flowable aroma extract for maximum flavor with minimum process loss.

Brewing Aids

Products that help you produce, handle and store high-quality beer. HopAid® is the name of our range of products targeted at improving specific aspects of your brewing and operating processes. HopAid® stands for simplicity, control and speed.


Natural suspension to avoid excessive foam formation, for top and bottom-fermented beers.


100% hop-derived product designed to create remarkably stable haze in beer.

Got any questions?

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Brewing Solutions Team


Which products are used to improve foam in beer?

We have developed a special solution called Tetrahop Gold® that improves beer froth in the long term. 

What is Late Hopping?

In so-called Late Hopping, cone hops are extracted particularly gently. This process takes place between the whirlpool and wort cooling. It enables an ideal transfer of the hop oils into the wort.

What is Dry hopping?

In Dry Hopping (German "Hopfenstopfen") the hops are added to the beer only after its main fermentation. In this way, a very special hop aroma is created. By the way, "Dry Hopping" is so called because primarily dried hops are used.

What is the origin of dry hopping?

Dry hopping probably originated in the UK where is was first applied to cask ales.

If hop extracts are used for dry hopping, do they increase bitterness due to the addition of iso alpha acids?

Hop extracts for dry hopping usually don't contain iso alpha acids. PHAs contain only hop oil. Hop emulsion contain unisomerised alpha acids, which contribute very little to overall bitterness.