BarthHaas product safety

Continuous hop testing

BarthHaas is renowned for delivering first-class quality of hop, with an excellent reputation among brewers around the world. To exclude the possibility of contamination and help ensure the purity of the beer, we take great care to ensure we know exactly what pesticides are used in the hop cultivation. The specially developed BarthHaas Safety Concept and Early-Warning System creates transparency and thus supports compliance with the target of 100% tested product quality.

The industry’s most comprehensive screening program

  • All of the hops and hop products we buy are put into standardized mixed samples and fully analyzed.
  • Hops are not released for processing or sale until the analysis findings have been received.

Our Early Warning System

  • The BarthHaas leaf program tests hops for pesticide residues before the crop has even been harvested.
  • Close collaboration and information sharing with growers, combined with the expert targeted advice from our skilled buyers, enable early forecasts to be made.
  • Regular visits by BarthHaas staff to selected hop farms throughout Europe allow potential infestation situations to be observed and documented, and appropriate measures introduced.

Our quality management

  • The HACCP Report is an integrated component of our ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
  • Introduced in 1994, the BarthHaas Pesticide Form has become the benchmark for hop cultivation in Germany and allows the type, number and timing of pesticide applications to be precisely documented.
  • In addition, the Plant Protection Calendar we introduced exclusively for our growers and customers makes sure the documented pesticide measures are more reliable and complete.

Full traceability

Our IT systems store every item of data and allow hops to by allocated accurately to customer requirements. Thus the grower contributions to each product batch can be easily traced.
Reserve samples are retained for all hop and product contributions for at least five years.