Refining Plant

St. Johann refining plant

The new refining plant in St. Johann

Last year the time had come. After years of careful planning, we were able to put our new hop extraction plant into operation on the premises of the hop refinery in St. Johann. An early vision of BarthHaas was thus finally realized - the unification of all hop logistics and processing at one location, eliminating the need for transfers from St. Johann to Wolnzach. 

In this project, the participating companies BarthHaas GmbH & Co. KG and HVG Hopfenverwertungsgenossenschaft eG with their managing Regine Barth and Dr. Johann Pichlmaier, also shied away from the enormous investment costs for this state-of-the-art extraction plant.  

The technical innovations of the past 30 years were incorporated into the planning of the new extraction plant of Hopfenveredlung St. Johann GmbH. The equipment with state-of-the-art 500 bar high-pressure extractors enables us to produce hop extract efficiently and with high quality in the long term. These technical innovations make the plant more energy efficient and therefore more sustainable. This new production city allows us to transform approximately 10,000 tons of raw hops into the 500 bar extract.  

Due to the Corona pandemic, an official inauguration could not yet take place. Until then, we have an insight into the plant for you here. 



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