Brewer Lorenz shows how self-harvested hops are turned into a special beer

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Lorenz Schareina

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The Brewing Solutions Team is always looking for exciting experiences with hops. How about creating a beer from hops you've harvested yourself?

When the hop crew calls

The passion for hops is strong in the brewers of the BarthHaas Campus CONCEPT BREWERY. When in spring 2020, due to the lockdown, the seasonal workers could not come to train the hops, BarthHaas created the Hop Crew. Numerous volunteers stood in for the foreign seasonal workers.


Growing and harvesting hops yourself

I also followed this call: Standing by the growers in this challenging situation was a matter of course for me. This is how I supported the Pfab family in the Hallertau. At the beginning of September, I saw the result of my work: The Herkules hops could be freshly harvested together. From the plucking machine, the hops went directly into the kiln. 

"For me it was a matter of course to support the growers in this challenging situation."

From the Hallertau to the Concept Brewery

After drying, I naturally insisted on turning my self-harvested Herkules hops into beer in the BarthHaas Concept Brewery ABREWCALYPSE NOW. That was a very special feeling! Our Brewing Solutions Team used green hops in the brewhouse and dry hopped the beer with the freshly kilned hops. After a long wait, the self-created green hop beer was ready and could be tasted together. Cheers! 


Brewing beer made easy

Are you curious or do you have an idea for an innovative beer creation that you would like to realize with our hop experts? Then the BarthHaas Campus CONCEPT BREWERY is the right place for you.

Contact us at brewingsolutions@barthhaas.de. We look forward to hearing from you!

An article by

Lorenz Schareina

Brewer, Brewing recipes, Product development


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Wilhelm Fell

says:23. January 2021 at 09:58

Hallo Herr Schareina, wir brauen seit 2 Jahren ein Grünhopfenbier, mit von uns selbst angebautem Hopfen. Im Gegensatz zu Ihnen verwenden wir den wirklichen Grünhopfen, von der Pflanze in die Pfanne bzw. in den Tank. Beim dedarrten Hopfen gehen wir nicht mehr von Grünhopfen aus. Beim darren werden schon einige der Aromen, die ein Grünhopfenbier ausmachen, zerstört. Probieren Sie es aus, der Geschmack eines wirklichen Grünhopfenbieres anders und einzig. Hilfarther-Brauhaus Wilhelm Fell Braumeister/Inhaber

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